Laminate Worktops

Because of their affordability and the wide range of styles available, laminate worktops are the most widely fitter worktops in the UK.

With plains, wood, marble and granite effect designs laminate worktops and manufactured from high-density chipboard; plywood or MDF and coated in a plastic laminate, they are available in a wide range of sizes offering flexibility and style for your kitchen.

Yes, we fit worktops to units that have already been built and secured into position.
Laminated worktops are easy to keep clean because they have a waterproof surface making it simple to wipe up any type of cooking spills.
Depending on the size of your kitchen and number of joints required aim to fit your worktops in just one day.


Laminate Worktops are the most widely fitted worktops in the UK and are available in a wide range of colours and styles to suit any kitchen design. If you have built your own kitchen units Midland Worktop Fitters will install your worktops using only the very best tools for the job to ensure your satisfaction.

Manufactured from high-density chipboard; plywood or MDF and coated in a plastic laminate, laminate worktops offers elegance with an affordable price and are available in a huge range of colours and finishes, including smooth matt lustre, high gloss, honed, riverwash, riven and etching laminate.

Laminate joints are achieved with a worktop jig and router. One edge of the worktop is cut into the female curve and the other cut to a male curve, we use a matching colour adhesive or silicone to waterproof the joint, once clamped and levelled we clean away any excess leaving a seamless masons mitre joint.

Midland Worktop Fitters install worktops from all leading manufacturers including:- Bushboard. Axiom, and Duropal.