Solid Surface Worktops

Solid Surface worktops give a contemporary sleek look to your kitchen with fresh clean lines.  They are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology to create a strong, durable and non-porous surface.  Available in a wide range of styles and colours, solid surface worktops add a splash of sophistication to your kitchen that laminates just can’t muster.

There are two types of solid surface worktops on the market.

  • Using state-of-the-art technology Solid surfaced kitchen worktops are manufactured from a 3mm to 6mm thick layer of solid surface material bonded to a high quality chipboard or mdf core underneath resulting in a durable 28mm to 54mm thick surface. Brands such as wilsonart earthstone and sylmar maia have products of this type.
  • The other type of solid surface worktops are solid composite all the way through usually 25-30mm in thickness, these worktop are much heavier but are very durable and some products have a 10 year guarantee such as Minerva
Unlike laminate, granite and quartz solid surface worktops are extremely forgiving towards scratches scuffs dents etc because its made of a hard wearing acrylic composite which you can sand  out and buff your worktops back to new with very little effort, joints are seamless and once installed your worktops will look like one solid piece easily rivaling a granite or quartz worktop, better yet most products such come with a 10 year guarantee.
Yes, solid surface worktops are non-porous so bacteria have nowhere to hide.

Any deep stains or burn marks can be sanded out working up through the grits 100 – 320 then using a scotch bright pad and finishing with a microfiber cloth.

Gallery fit all types of solid surface products. There are two types of solid surface worktops on the market: solid acrylic all the way through, such as Minerva and Apollo Slabtech, and Acrylic surface with a chipboard core (6mm solid surface top). Also available is 6mm acrylic top with a chipboard core from brands such as Maia, Wilsonart Earthstone, Bushboard Encore and Apollo Magna.


In the fabrication process, joints can be made invisible by joining the relevant pieces with the manufacturers own colour-matched two-part acrylic epoxy. The pieces are clamped tightly together in order to express any excess adhesive. After the adhesive dries, the area is sanded and polished to create a seamless joint. This seamless appearance is a signature characteristic of the material.

Midland Worktops Fitters can install your under mounted sink using the appropriate jig template and router and drainage grooves can also be added as required.

Repairable and Renewable

Cuts and scratches can be buffed out with a Scotch-Brite pad or orbital sander.

Installing Your Worktop

If you have built your own kitchen units or had them professionally installed for you Midland Worktop Fitters will fit your worktops to the very highest standards ensuring they fit perfectly, look great and provide many years of service for you and your family.