minerva solid surfaces

Solid Surface

There are two types of solid surface worktops on the market, solid acrylic such as minerva solid surface worktops, the other needs to be fabricated to your specific requirements. Corian is the most well know surface in the fabrication world, these worktops have a mdf moisture resistant core wrapped with 6-12mm thick acrylic surface and can be made to your specific requirements.

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In the fabrication process, joints can be made invisible by joining the essential pieces with the manufacturers own colour-matched two-part acrylic epoxy. The parts are clamped tightly together to express any excess adhesive. After the adhesive dries, the area is sanded and polished to create a seamless joint. This seamless appearance is a signature characteristic of the material.

Midland Worktops Fitters can install your under-mounted sink using the appropriate jig template and router. Drainer grooves can also be added if required.

Repairable & Renewable

Scratches can be buffed out with sanding pads and a Scotch-Brite pad usually provided with a care kit along with the worktops. Chips, dents and stress fractures can have the same material planted back into that area with jointing adhesive seamlessly so please keep hold of an offcut at the end of your job. We can also provide a re-polishing service which restores your worksurfaces back to new. A good tip is to feel how hot your worktop is when using a slow cooker, it can be quite common that heat causes a stress fracture in you worktops so please be aware of this.

Installing Your Worktop

We require that you check your carcasses to be level and plumb before installation. Once we have checked this on arrival we will install your worktops to the highest standards ensuring they fit perfectly, look great and provide many years of service. We provide a 2 year warranty signed and dated on completion. On top of this most suppliers give a 10 year product warranty standard.


  • Flexible for any design
  • Non-porous
  • Hygienic and bacteria resistant
  • Seamless joints are achievable.
  • Undermounted sinks are achievable
  • Matt or gloss finish
  • The surface can be re-polished
  • Easily reparable
  • Wide range of colours
  • Long warranty period


Very popular in the worktop world because of the 100% seamless look. Achieving seamless joints and moulded undermounted sinks are something no other material can do. Solid surface worktops are slightly softer than quartz and granite, however scratches and stains can be buffed away. Being non porous solid surface worktops are used in dentists, hospitals and schools as they are extremely hygienic. All in all they are a very good surface to consider, their unique styles and patterns are something to look out for.